Standing out from the crowd … Virtually!

Need – Virtual Event Experience

Services – Virtual Production, Creative, Project Management


Finding solutions to differentiate your virtual event in the current on-line marketplace can be daunting. How can you transform your face-to-face communications into energised virtual experiences and ensure that your content is presented in a more appealing and engaging way?

We’ve got the answer!


By utilising the latest in digital technology, we can immerse your presenters in a fully customised impactful 3D virtual environment.

Using animated graphics and holographic imagery we can bring your content to life on-screen at TV broadcast quality levels. We can do this even in this socially distanced world by using a simple green screen, single camera and lighting set up in your home or office.

By integrating the latest in question management technology we can seamlessly collect and group questions in advance or live. Meeting hosts can clearly identify the most popular topics and view, at a glance, all questions submitted by topic and this technology works regardless of whether it’s an audience of 15 or 5,000!

And we make sure that all of this activity is underpinned by a digital footprint that drives powerful insight, lead generation and measurement opportunity.

If you would like more information or to discuss how we can help you achieve this with your virtual events, please contact Zoe Daniels, Director of Client Experience by clicking here.