Elevating your video conference

Need – Enhancing a video conference

Services – Virtual Production, Creative, Technical


“I’m holding regular video conference calls with my customers, partners and prospects, but I can’t customise my screen and my corporate brand isn’t being represented in the best possible way.”


We are all now very used to the format of a video conference.

But when you’re talking to external audiences, you can really elevate the experience to ensure your audience receives that fully branded, totally polished outcome. Using broadcast technology, we can apply a completely bespoke and customisable branded ‘wrapper’ and stream it to any video conference platform. We can accommodate multiple remote speakers, either one at a time or together, along with any slide or video material. The backgrounds and effects are totally customisable to your brand.

The result is a fully branded, ‘tv-like’ experience.

And this is all achieved by using a remote team of socially distanced technical experts to support your presenters all the way through. The presenting experience is just like being on a real stage with each virtual presenter having a remote slide clicker and comfort monitor showing their slides and notes. Our technicians are in full control of the presenter’s sound and webcams – so all the presenters have to do is concentrate on their delivery.

If you would like more information, or would like to discuss how we can help you achieve this with your video conferences, please contact Zoe Daniels, Director of Client Experience by clicking here.