Launching a New Brand, Virtually!

Need – Global live link up

Services – Production, Digital


To launch a new company brand identity across 27 countries ensuring all 5,000 staff felt included, valued and engaged with the new strategy.


Our ambitious virtual launch solution involved a simultaneous live global broadcast to all 5,000 employees.

Produced by Aspect and hosted at our client’s HQ in Florida, the 90-minute broadcast, scripted by our creative team and who worked closely with the speakers to maximise their online presentation capabilities, included live presentations from 8 satellite sites, linked by 2-way sound and vision broadcasting to 27 satellite events.

The audience were so much more than passive observers, the virtual experience incorporated a truly global Q&A with attendees joining the action from their homes, offices and mobile places of work.

The result was an exciting and engaging global brand experience that delivered a consistent message, tone and feel throughout the organisation; one that is now firmly embedded the company’s history.