Training day achieves 100% success

Need – Sales Team Training

Services – Training, Design & Implementation


After significant growth our client recognised the need for a consistent approach to sales and associated support materials throughout the cycle in order to maintain brand integrity and take advantage of company momentum. Our challenge was to create a solution that provided the sales force with the necessary skills to deliver continued excellence and growth; a solution that could be cascaded throughout the organisation.


Centre to our solution was a bespoke one day training course for both the sales and bid teams that addressed all stages of the cycle from the elevator pitch, to early conversation, bespoke pitches and general client communications.

These highly interactive sessions were designed to actively support our client’s brand and values and were structured to enable attendees to assimilate key sales skills whilst developing their own language and style. Up to 8 attendees at a time learnt about using their voice as an instrument, practiced famous speeches, and at the end had to sell a fictitious product requiring the use of all their learning.

The two training courses, developed and implemented by the Aspect team, were so successful that our client’s sales team had a 100% pitch win rate following attendance at the training days.