Empowering and connecting a global IT community

Need – Employee Engagement

Services – Strategy & Content, Creative Design & Production


18 months after the launch of a new vision and culture, the IT division of a major multinational client was seeking to bring all staff together, across 5 countries, recognise and share achievements, showcase new technology, provide an opportunity to network and build a global community empowered and inspired to adopt a growth mindset.

Our challenge was how to create a very different event from the normal company conference. An event with a consistent, technology driven message and experience across 5 separate global locations, with audiences between 100 and 700; one which could also be cascaded to 5 smaller locations across the network.


Working as an integrated part of our client’s in-house project team, we developed an innovative solution based on a ‘day of discovery’ where delegates were empowered to choose their own journey through a series of TED talks, vision sessions, technology expos and supplier displays.

At the centre of the environment was positioned a networking and catering space that allowed everyone to mingle and take on food throughout the day. This freedom to control their own event agenda and experience perfectly illustrated the company’s new ways of working and the underlying behaviours that supported the new vision.

Using a bespoke event app delegates could choose when to attend sessions and access individual agendas and had an interactive map to show where to go. It also included a social feed, displayed around the venue, to encourage engagement and build a community.

Technology was embedded into the heart of the event by using the latest programmable LED badges. These changed colour to signpost delegates choice of activity making sure the day ran exactly to time; a real challenge with audiences of up to 700. The badges also incorporated networking functionality and the ability to download session content. This supercharged networking with over 6000 connections being made across main hub events.

Delegate feedback was exceptional. The events created an incredible energy, buzz and engagement and achieved all objectives set. They sparked a myriad of new conversations and collaborations across the globe and encouraged and embedded a sense of community and entrepreneurial spirit throughout the workplace.