We engaged with a new company culture

Need – Employee Engagement

Services – Strategy & Content, Creative Design & Production & Event Management


New values, new behaviours, new culture. Our challenge was to create an inspiring launch of our client’s new values to employees and so kick start change across the organisation.


Understanding the desired shift in behaviour and action by employees was key to our strategy. Working alongside our client we interrogated each value and its associated behaviour in turn. From this insight we designed a bespoke half-day experiential event that put employees right at the heart of the new culture.

Initially all employees came together in a short and high impact plenary session; staged in the round to provide intimacy and engagement. Key celebrities from our client’s business provided gravitas and fun as the strategy and new values were introduced.

Research told us that only telling employees what was new would not be enough and that we had to directly illustrate how to live the values in the workplace. So five different interactive experience zones were created, one for each value; located around the main plenary space to maintain high energy across the whole environment.

Aspect’s logistical capabilities came to the fore as 100 smaller groups cycled through each of five zones in turn to assimilate the values using a mixture of games, technology and immersive behavioural experiences. App-based competition and live scoreboards bought out everyone’s competitive streak and added to the general buzz and excitement.

The event was rounded off by a social evening, where everyone celebrated the new company culture together ensuring employees departed fully engaged and ready to champion the values.

This was a truly collaborative effort with our specialist team of highly skilled producers, creatives, technicians and logistics professionals working seamlessly alongside our client’s in-house content team to make this complex and unique event a great success.