Relationships build community

Need – Partner Engagement

Services – Strategy & Content, Creative Design & Production


To revive a technology company’s annual partner conference, following a major acquisition, and bring partners together to network, learn, collaborate and recharge and increase confidence in the new organisation.


Networking was central to our thinking. With Budapest as a picturesque backdrop we focused on a relationship-centred approach that reinforced the creation of a tight-knit partner community and supported interaction and joined up thinking throughout.

Incorporating a strong identity and rallying cry, our thematic concept incorporated a fully interactive pre-event communications plan and a conversation led agenda heavily weighted towards small group interaction. Exploratory plenary sessions linked to targeted group activities, led by regional hosts, that included live product demos and showcased future technology. These provided multiple opportunities to engage directly with key leaders, new products and services throughout the event.

Our team worked actively with presenters to develop core messaging and design, refine and rehearse engaging and impactful presentations. On site our RADA trained Producers ran structured rehearsals that led to more polished presenter performances that in turn translated to increased Partner confidence in the new organisation.

Our mission to bring partners together and create a new, robust and connected community was fully accomplished with positive feedback from all parts of the organisation.