Inspiration has no limits

Need – Sales Team Engagement

Services – Strategy & Content, Creative Design & Production


To create an experiential event for technology sales and support staff that engages, inspires and motivates the team to push their boundaries, overcome and resolve personal and professional limitations and so sell more.


The underlying message for the event was that there is no limit to what you can achieve as a team and an individual given the right tools, support and dedication.

Taking ‘NO LIMITS” as our theme we injected the 2½-day event with high-energy content and inspiring analogies drawn from performances by a troupe of Cirque du Soleil acrobats. Set in a dynamic, theatrical, in-the-round environment, a 3-way runway stage brought the audience into the centre of the action creating excitement and direct engagement with presentations.

Storytelling was at the heart of the content and challenged presenters to deliver with confidence and passion alongside Cirque professionals. To support them, all presenters went through intensive rehearsal preparation and speaker training, led by RADA trained producers, that enhanced on stage confidence and taught valuable presentation techniques.

The result was an inspiring and engaging event that exceeded all expectations. One that boosted confidence in the company’s performance and potential, and motivated the sales team to not only achieve but exceed their targets